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 Adventure Sports is an SSI affiliated dive center.
Scuba School International provides online training materials and certifications at DiveSSI.com and through their DiveSSI App. See the link at the bottom of this page!
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Beginner and Refresher Courses

Open Water Diver


 This globally-recognized certification program is the best way to begin your life-long adventure as a certified scuba diver.

Personalized training is combined with   in-water practice sessions to ensure you have the skills and experience required to become truly comfortable underwater. 

Minimum age is 10 years old.

Course Price: $250

Try Scuba


 The SSI Try Scuba program is your introduction to the underwater world.

This entry-level program gives you the opportunity to experience the underwater world, in either a confined water or open water setting, without committing to a longer certification program. Minimum age is 10 years old.

Course Price: $75

Scuba Skills Update


 A Scuba Skills Update provides you with the opportunity to review and practice necessary scuba skills that you learned in your original Open Water Diver program under the guidance of an SSI Dive Professional.

 The Scuba Skills Update is often a required for continuing your diving training after a long period of time away from the sport. 

 Course Price: $75 


Enriched Air Nitrox


 The SSI Enriched Air Nitrox program will teach you how to safely plan and dive with enriched air mixtures of up to 40% oxygen.

Diving with enriched air can increase your no-decompression limits, increase your safety, and reduce the required length of your surface intervals when compared to air. 

 Course Price: $100

Night and Limited Visibility


 This program provides the skills and concepts required to safely and comfortably dive at night or in limited visibility conditions.

Some of the ocean's most amazing creatures only come out at night, so your dive doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. You will learn how to enter and exit the water, use specialized equipment, and how to communicate and dive with a buddy at night or in limited visibility. 

 Course Price: $89

Wreck Diving


 Many of the ocean's best dive sites have artificial reefs, or wrecks that have sunk through the ages.

This program gives you the skills and knowledge required to safely scuba dive above and around these underwater treasures. 

 Course Price: $89

Deep Diving


Many exciting dive sites are located in deeper water. Without proper training, this kind of diving puts you at risk.

The SSI Deep Diving Specialty will give you the ability to safely and comfortably plan and conduct dives beyond 60 feet, and is a prerequisite for some advanced training.

 Course Price: $89



 This program provides the skills and concepts required to safely and comfortably navigate underwater during a dive.

You will learn how to use a compass and natural navigation techniques, estimate distance, basic navigation patterns and how to leave and return to a designated point. 

 Course Price: $89 

Stress and Rescue


 Stress is a major cause of diving accidents and negatively impacts rescue situations. 

This program teaches you the skills and knowledge required to recognize and deal with stress, prevent accidents and properly deal with emergency situations encountered by divers. 

 Course Price: $125

Search and Recovery


 This program provides the skills and concepts required to safely plan and conduct search and recovery dives. 

You will learn about search patterns, specialized dive plans, underwater communication, and how to recover small to medium-sized objects using specialized equipment like lift bags. 

 Course Price: $125

Equipment Techniques


 The SSI Equipment Techniques teaches you how to choose, maintain and store your Total Diving System.
This ensures performance and increases the longevity of your equipment.  

 Course Price: $100

Perfect Buoyancy


 Do you want to increase your buoyancy control, minimize your breathing gas consumption, or move effortlessly above the ocean floor?
The SSI Perfect Buoyancy program teaches you the skills and techniques needed to maximize your dive experience, increase your comfort in the water, and get the most from your equipment.  

 Course Price: $100 

Boat Diving


 The ocean is filled with dive sites, but many of them cannot be reached from shore. This program gives you the skills and knowledge required to safely dive from a boat, allowing you to get the most from your underwater opportunities. 

 Course Price: $100 

Photo and Video


This program teaches you the skills needed to dive with an underwater camera, and provides the in-depth knowledge and experience required to properly use, maintain and store your equipment.

​Our goal is help you capture your amazing underwater experiences. 

 Course Price: $100 

React Right


React Right is SSI's emergency training program, consisting of the following basic components: Primary Assessment, First Aid & CPR Skills, Primary Stabilization Techniques, and includes two optional components: Oxygen Administration in Diving Emergencies and Automated External Defibrilation Basics.  

 Course Price: $100 

Ecology Specialties

Marine Ecology


 This program provides a general understanding of the complex and exciting science of marine ecology, which is the study of how organisms interact with each other and the environment, the flow of energy through communities, and the link between ocean ecosystems. 

 Course Price: $100 

Fish ID


 The ocean is filled with fascinating and beautiful fish of every shape and size.

This non-diving specialty program teaches you the skills and concepts required to identify the common families of Caribbean, Indo-Pacific, and Red Sea reef fish. 

 Course Price: $100 

Shark Ecology


 Many humans fear sharks, but is that reputation deserved?

By taking the SSI Shark Ecology program, you will learn how sharks and their behavior are often misunderstood, and how you can safely observe them in their natural habitat. 

 Course Price: $100 

Sea Turtle Ecology


 This program teaches you the skills and concepts required to recognize and identify common species of sea turtles, describes their history and role in marine ecosystems, and threats to their survival.  

 Course Price: $100 

Dive Professional Courses

Dive Guide


 This program gives you the skills and experience required to safely lead groups of certified divers, and is the first step towards an exciting career as an SSI Dive Professional without requiring you to complete an instructor program. Professional Dive Guides can work for SSI Dive Centers, guiding dives in a variety of environments and conditions. 

Science of Diving


 This program provides an in-depth and detailed study of physics, physiology, decompression theory, the aquatic environment and diving equipment. It is required training for most SSI Dive Professional programs, as well as some Extended Range programs. 

Assistant Instructor


 This program provides the skills, concepts, and teaching experience required to become a successful SSI Instructor. You will learn the SSI Teaching System and philosophy, how to assist Instructors in training and how to independently teach a variety of SSI training programs. Candidates who complete this program can earn the SSI Assistant Instructor rating.

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